(Svenska) Liu-loppet 2021 HT

The 21th of September at 18:00, LiU-Loppet will take place once again!
Registration is now open and is done under the registration.
There is a maximum limit of 600 runners.
If you cannot run, don’t forget to unregister so someone else can take your spot.

LiU-Loppet is a running race organized by the student organizations Campushallen/LSIF, LITHe Syra and LiTHe Vilse.

There is no entry fee and everyone is welcome to participate, student or non student!

Sign up individually or in teams.
Women & men classes on 5km or 10km.
Team of 4*5 km. Everyone in the team start at the same time, the times are summed up to the team. Women and men can be in the same team.

Get yourself and your friends excited for the most fun race of the spring!
See you :)

Nu är LiU Loppet igång!

!!! Vi uppmanar alla att följa de regler och resterktioner som gäller !!!
För att delta i LiU Loppet gäller följande:
· Spring Liu Lopps banan under veckan (3/5-9/5). Se karta. Banan finns uppmärkt med LiU Loppet snitslar.
· Registrera din tid på: https://forms.gle/FLgi38WzMP9jjJwEA
· Lägg gärna upp en bild och tagga Liu Loppet #liuloppet på instagram och facebook (valfritt)
· För dig som vill tävla om officiell placering och ha chans att vinna 1a ,2a och 3e pris kommer det att finnas ett Strava segment. För detta behövs Strava appen. Vinnare plockas ut från segmentets topplista. Registrering av tid krävs fortfarande.
Länkar för att se strava segment:
5 km: https://www.strava.com/segments/25759050
10 km: https://www.strava.com/segments/25698934
To participate in LiU Loppet, the following applies:
· Run the Liu Loppet track during the week (14/9-20/9). See Map. The track is marked with LiU Loppet strips.
· Register your time on: https://forms.gle/FLgi38WzMP9jjJwEA
· Feel free to post a picture and tag Liu Loppet #liuloppet on instagram and facebook (optional)
· For those of you who want to compete for official placement and have a chance to win 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, there will be a Strava segment. For this, the Strava app is required. Winners are selected from the segment’s top list. Registration of time is still required.
Links to see strava segments:
5 km: https://www.strava.com/segments/25759050
10 km: https://www.strava.com/segments/25698934