For runners of “LiU-loppet” autumn 2013

Start and finish

Start and finish are both outside Campushallen in the Viagra park. The start is at 6.00 pm. We will begin to pick away the signs and stripes(?) along the racetrack 1,5 hour after start (at 7.30 pm) due to the dusk.

The race

You can choose to run 5 or 10 km. The racetrack goes around Campushallen, towards Vallamassivet, up the hill and around in the Valla forrest and back to Campus. The racetrack is 5 km, the 10-km runners run two laps along this track.


On the website before monday 11.59 pm. After that you can register on the competition day between 4.00-5:30 pm outside Campushallen at the start/finish area. Unregistrate on the website if you change your mind and don´t want to run in the competition.


Can be picked up at Löplabbet on monday between 4.30 and 6 pm, or on the competition day (tuesday) from 4 pm at the start/finish. Put the bib on your chest with safety pins and keep it there during the whole competition.


The first one to pass the finish line will get a prize. There are prizes for the winners of both distances and both gender. There will also be a prize for the best team (shortest total time), and for the winner of the mountain price.

The mountain prize is a price for the first person who comes up on the top of the hill and  chooses to grab the red bottle basket and brings it with them all the way to the finish. If you are the first person up there you are not obligated to grab the bottle basket.

The prize ceremony will be held at the start/finish area outside Campushallen at 7.15 pm.


There will be live results at the finish area, and result lists will be put up at the start/finish area, the results will also be published on the website.

Toilets and showers

There are toilets in Campushallen but only few showers there. You can also fill your drinking bottle here if you want.


We have a cameraman who is wearing a special west. The pictures will be published on the website/facebook. Tell her if you want a photo of you, your friends or your team!