Invitation to LiU-Loppet, autumn 2013

LiU-Loppet is a running race organized by the student organizations LSIF, LIU AIF, LITHe Syra and LiTHe Vilse. Everyone is welcome to participate and there is no entry fee. The race is held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the autumn.


September 17, 2013, the race starts at 6:00 pm


In front of Campushallen, Campus Valla, Linköping

Classes – new!

Men’s and Women’s classes over 5 and 10 km, just like usual.
Besides that, there is a team-race, 4 x 5 km, where the team members’s times are summarized (it’s not a relay), the team with shortest time wins!


At the top of the vallamassivet slope, a red thingy will be. The one who grabs it and finish the race with it will win a pretty neat price!

Registration fee

Totally free!


Registration is opening 26/8 and is open until 16/9 23:59:59 on

Results-list LIU-Loppet spring 2013

[Updated with a new results-list 24/4 09:20]

What a race! What. A. Race!

First, we broke a new record folks! 325 participants… Amazing!

The 10km-classes where won by Fredrik “Fidde” Johansson at superior 31:54.2, and Alva Olsson at incredible 36:41.8! The 5km-classes where won by Cecilia Kleist at 17:08.9 and Linus Rosdal at 15:44.4!

Congratulations, and thanks to all of you who participated!

The complete results-list can be found here: LIU-Loppet vt 2013_2